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OpenTipi – WordPress Real Estate Websites


We’re a small team working on a “Site as A Service” WordPress-based platform for the Real Estate industry. If you suffer from one or more of the below problems please contact us and we will send you an invite to test our platform for free:

  • lack of control over your website (e.g. not being able to update it properly)
  • the results you expect from your website do not meet your expectations
  • you are spending more with your website that you would like
  • you are suffering from lack of support to achieve what you want
  • having difficulties extending/changing/updating your website
  • having to pay extra to promote your site within search engines

And if you are interested in:

  • trying a WordPress based site for marketing your Real Estate services
  • generating several WordPress sites on the fly based on different templates and options
  • choosing from a set of web designs targeted at the Real Estate industry
  • benefiting from a collection of tools and plugins for enhanced functionality, e.g. google maps integration; customized search; alerts, etc.
  • managing your website via an easy to use admin panel
  • reducing your costs without losing your on-line authority
  • automatically promoting your website on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines

If you are interested in trying the product for your own we request only two things from you:

  1. Comprehension: we are still developing, so there may be some periods (10, 20 minutes) where OpenTipi will be unstable while we update it;
  2. FEEDBACK: we need your most honest opinion. What you like, what you don’t like, what doesn’t work as expect, what you don’t understand at first use, and what would you want to see on the platform on the future (wish-list).

Thank you.

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